Get more value from your lending book with non-bank lending


As an adviser, your clients trust you to help solve their problems. And non-bank lenders can help.

In today’s changing market, it’s becoming increasingly complex to find financial solutions to meet your clients’ needs. Tightening lending criteria, rising construction costs and an increased aversion to risk mean more brokers are looking outside the mainstream for alternative ways to help their clients achieve their financial goals.

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We’re currently in an environment where speed, certainty and flexibility matter more than ever, and non-bank lenders are stepping up to fill the gaps left by traditional bank lenders. The good news is, when you can provide access to a wider range of solutions for more clients, you can grow your own business in the process.

Finding flexibility in a fast-changing market

With bank criteria tightening, many clients may be finding it more challenging to get finance from their usual lender – especially if they’re running a small business. Non-bank lenders offer a flexible alternative that can help a wider range of borrowers, from the credit-impaired to mainstream borrowers who want a more flexible solution – or need to move faster than a major lender’s red tape allows.

Tapping into these broader needs can help advisers provide clients with new ways to solve short-term funding problems, mitigate cash flow risks and continue to move towards their financial goals. For brokers, non-bank lending partners can provide more options for clients who are self-employed, have complex underlying portfolio structures, or company financials that are not quite up to date. They can also provide specialist expertise in areas major banks have less appetite for – such as construction, residual stock or development exit lending.

Helping clients unlock their potential

Non-bank lenders are helping borrowers achieve their financial goals by giving them access to alternative sources of capital. And as an adviser, you are the bridge between the client and strategies they might not otherwise be aware of. As well as opening the door to a wider range of products, you can also meet the needs of a broader spectrum of borrowers. Whether they are small business owners, property investors, developers or entrepreneurs, they depend on you to set them up for success. And by showing them a path to a more profitable future, you’re growing your own business at the same time.

Increasing your value as a trusted adviser

As a trusted adviser, your clients rely on you as a source of guidance, education and practical solutions. The simplest way to grow your own business is through referrals – and if you provide great service, clients will give you repeat business and be your best advocates in the market. By building strategic relationships with a select group of non-bank lenders, you’re more likely to increase client retention and referrals. You can also increase the lifetime value of your clients – as they get more successful, they’ll require more high-value services for more projects and opportunities.

Learn more about non-bank lending

Not all non-bank lenders are the same. If you’re looking for a non-bank lender to partner with, it’s important to find one that’s going to take a proactive approach to problem solving, and who you can rely on to provide certainty to your clients. To learn more about what to look for in a non-bank lender, and how you can successfully scale your broker business with the right relationships and conversations, download our practical guide for brokers.

It covers:

  • What non-bank lending is and how it works

  • What types of clients and scenarios suit non-bank lending (including some you may not otherwise be able to place)

  • How to get started and make it seamless for your clients

  • Checklists and tools to give your applications the best chance of success.

The Broker's Guide to Non-bank Lending

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